Life List

My Life List

1. Get back to performing on the stage

2.  Buy cowboy boots and wear them to the rodeo

3. Stand on the Great Wall of China

4. Make sun tea

5. Buy a house

6. Ride on a gondola in Italy

7. Go to a Manchester United game at Old Trafford Stadium ( went to the MLS Allstar game in Houston when they played Man U…so half way there)

8. Go to the Kentucky Derby and wear an obnoxious but equally beautiful hat and drink mint juleps

9. Enter Hidee in the Wiener Dog races at the racetrack!

10. Take a picture with the Hollywood sign in black and white with sweet sunglasses and a scarf (like Marilyn Monroe style)

11. Teach a Yoga class

12. Go on a pub crawl

13. Learn to speak Spanish fluently

14. Go to Hawaii and fall asleep on the beach to the sound of the ocean

15. Study Tai Chi

16. Learn to drive a stick shift

17. Take a helicopter ride over Niagara Falls

18. Be an extra in a “real” movie January 2010

19. Make money by being me

20. Go to New York City for New Years Eve

21. Get married

22. Go to the Grand Canyon

23. Stand in the Taj Mahal

24. Be on the cover of a magazine

25. Go snowboarding/skiing  in Canada

26. Attend the Sundance Film Festival

27. Attend a TED conference

28. Write something that gets published in print, even if no one ever reads it.

29. Visit Hitsville USA in Detroit with my Mom (the person who introduced me to Motown)

30. Visit the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame Museum in Cleveland, Ohio with my whole family who live, eat, and breathe music.

31. Watch all these movies


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