Happy National Dog Day!

Happy National Dog Day!

I am a HUGE dog lover.  Not just a “ooo puppies are cute” kind, but I like to study them, understand their behaviors, train them and watch them learn.  They just fascinate me.

I remember when I was younger I really wanted to be a Vet, but then I found out that while saving animals and making them feel better is amazing, you also have to deal with the flip side of diagnosing things like cancer and letting their owner know that it’s time to let them go.  The thought of that quickly changed my decision to become a vet, but my love of dogs has and will never leave.

I have 2 pups at my house, but then I also have a fur-sister, a Westie named Daisy May, and a fur-niece, a Basset Hound named Giggs, who lives with my sister.  Family gatherings are pretty chaotic as there are over 28 legs in one place.  That’s a lot of legs and a lot of tripping over dogs!


While I love all my fur-family equally, there is one little girl who holds a very special place in my heart.  Her name is Hidee and she is a 17 year old wiener dog that I adopted 13 years ago from Houston CAP.

Hidee and I have been through a lot together.  She has lived with me all over Texas and helped me do everything from studying for my last college final to moving me into my first apartment on my own.  In our 13 years together we have been on a lot of road trips, had many many roommates, and even been on some dates together.  She is my spirit animal and my little love nugget.

This has been a bit of a tough year for Hidee as her old age is really starting to show.  She is almost completely blind from cater-ax, a very common ailment in doxies, but she has our house pretty much memorized so she gets around fine.  Every now and then she will gets lost under the kitchen table, which I can only imagine is like being in a thick forest at night with the constant fear you are going to run face first into a tree.

What I have noticed the most, though, is her arthritis.  It has really slowed her down this year.  She hurts all over. I have her on pain meds and they def. help, but even last night as I was trying to snuggle with her on the bed I moved her arm to hard or too quick and she yelped.  It broke my heart.

Other than those minor things though, she is my little tank. Just last month the vet said she was very healthy with a solid ticker and good lungs.  She is the best nap buddy in the world and JZ gets jealous when we take a Sunday afternoon nap together cause she usually sleeps in his spot.  I keep telling him that it was her spot first and then he usually sweetly thanks her for letting him sleep there now with a pat on the head.

She is my little Yoda.  So wise and all-knowing.  If you talk to her about her day she will talk back in sweet little moans.  On the contrary, if you sing to her she will try to shut you up by kissing your mouth shut.  It’s a solid method that works every time.

She is funny and bossy and demanding, but I put up with it because she is my baby and I wouldn’t have traded the last 13 years we have spent together for anything in the world. She is my constant and now as I transition to become a “Z” and into a new stage of life, I am so glad Hidee is still by my side.

Here’s a toast to you my sweet girl.

Happy National Dog Day!  Mommy loves you!!

My Shadow Turned 16

My Shadow Turned 16

My little shadow, also known as my sweet Hidee girl, turned 16 this past Sunday.

While I have never known Hidee’s true birthday, we have always celebrated her Gotcha Day (aka adoption day) as such, and this year was no different.

Since this was officially Hidee’s Sweet 16, we kicked it up a notch and celebrated at the Houston World Series of Dog Shows, which was conveniently the same weekend as her birthday and also where her grandma had a booth set up all weekend.

We started the day by getting her all dressed up in a sweet poka-dot dress, but this was soon replaced with a large tutu that she ran around NRG Convention Center in for the entire day.

She wanted to see everything! We visited all the rescue groups, shopped up and down every isle and spent some time greeting all the lovely customer at my mom’s booth.  My mom had also arranged for a special box of homemade treats to be baked and packaged just for her from Woof Pet Bakery.

In the afternoon we visited CAP, where I had rescued Hidee 12 years before, and thanked them for saving her and bringing the two of us together.  Really and truly Hidee rescued me, but that is a story for another post.

To top off the day, we went to have her picture taken by the wonderful Autumn Beckman at the Dream Dachshund Rescue booth and give our yearly donation to this “paw-some” organization.  Her photo, at the top of this post, turned out beautiful and I am so in love with it.  Thank you again Autumn.

By about mid-afternoon Hidee was officially worn out and spent the remainder of the day in the Daisy’s Doggie Duds booth snuggled in her bed, tutu and all.

Hidee birthday asleep


If You Don’t Believe Me, Rub My Belly….

If You Don’t Believe Me, Rub My Belly….

So I have this very special pup in my life who I love more than chocolate, Disney World, and Michael Jackson combined.  For those of you that don’t know me, that is A LOT.   I often wonder what she is doing while I am at work, slaving away at the computer (which she hates).  I know the answer is sleeping and dreaming of chasing squirrels, but the greeting I get when I come home is nothing less than a party with stuffed animals, treats, 5 laps around the living room table and TONS of kisses.  I love my precious little bedhog and this video is for her.

2nd Annual Sam Houston Race Park Wiener Dog Races

2nd Annual Sam Houston Race Park Wiener Dog Races

Hidee Practicing For The Races

Hidee Practicing For The Races

This Saturday my precious pup, Hidee, will be competing in the 2010 Sam Houston Wiener Dog Races.  Hidee is 9 years old and sure to be one of the most senior dogs on the track, but don’t doubt her speed, this old lady can run….when she wants to.  Hidee is actually lucky enough to have a sponsor for the race, Daisy’s Doggie Duds, who will be providing all her “off track” attire.  This includes a sweatshirt, t-shirt and Bumble Bee costume for the costume contest held after the races.  We are really excited that Daisy’s Doggie Duds wanted to be part of Hidee’s special day, as all of her family and friends will be coming out to watch her as she races for the finish.

I am going to be taking lots of pictures and hopefully some video of the event so that you guys can see what a proud mommy I am(as if you haven’t grasped that already from the thousands of pictures of her on Flickr, Facebook and the tweets coming from her very own Twitter account @hideeho).

Since this is Hidee’s first time to do this, and mine as well, I went on to YouTube to see if there was any video from last year’s races.  Thankfully I was able to find this short clip of the track and some of the dogs that participated last year.  I think we are in for an exciting day and A LOT of laughs.

For more information about the races go to www.shrp.com

Hidee’s first race will start around 7:30pm-Hope to see you there!

25 Things That Really Matter: Companionship is not always Mr. Right

25 Things That Really Matter: Companionship is not always Mr. Right


At this point in my life I have not found “the one”, “my prince charming” or hidee2“Mr.right”, and to be honest I’m perfectly OK with that.  I mean,  I do get frustrated about it from time to time, but who doesn’t?  Instead my companion is not a romantic one, but a gal’s best friend.

I brought Hidee home from the Citizen’s for Animal Protection almost 5 years ago.  I remember going to the SPCA earlier that day but was unable to find a dog small enough that I wouldn’t feel bad living in an apartment.  I thought my search was over for the day until the director of the SPCA directed me to CAP right off of I-10.

When I got there they had not opened yet for the day, but I saw her through the window.  My mom and I waited till the doors opened and I went straight to her cage.  She was timid, but excited that someone wanted to get her out of her box.

The shelter told me that a lady had brought her and her brother in a couple days before after finding them abadoned in a box on the side of the road.  Her brother had been adopted right away, but because Hidee was in such bad condition, no one wanted her.

They let me put her on a leash and take her for a walk outside.  She was slow, with bald patches, super skinny and had bite marks on her cheek and tail where another dog had bitten her, but her eyes were bright.

As I brought her back inside, it was time to make a decision.   Was this little doxie going to be my new companion?  As I looked at my mom with doubt in my eyes, Hidee suddenly leaped into my lap and showered me with kisses.   That’s how I knew she was “the one”.

retryHidee is one of the best things in my life.  She loves me unconditionally and is so thrilled each time I walk through the door that she runs to get me a present.  This is usually a stuffed elephant or squirrel that she wants back, but I don’t mind.  She is there to snuggle with me when I am sick, give me kisses when I am sad or take a walk with me when I need a break from the hustle and bustle.  She is the best and because of her “mr right” has a lot to live up to.

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