Yo Yo Yo!! What’s up interwebs? Sitting at a coffee shop this afternoon and thought I would check-in on how I am doing with my 2012 goals/changes.
Health wise I am doing FAN-FLIPPIN-TASTIC. We had out 2nd weigh in for Biggest Loser Challenge on Friday and I lost another 1.4lbs. so that puts me with a totally weight loss of 7.8 lbs. WAHOO! I was a little disappointed, I expected that I would loose more to be honest, but I have to remind myself that I am still going in the right direction, down.

So how did I change it up this week? I tried a new yoga class at Happy Belly Studio and it totally kicked my butt. I had no idea that my body was capable of that much stretch and I left the class feeling 5’10 ( I am only 5’6), but man the next day I felt like someone had karate chopped me in between my shoulder blades, and I totally had a limp on both sides, I guess that makes it a waddle. I have also been going to this great class called Piyolet every week since starting this biggest loser challenge. It is a combination of Pilates (Pi), Yoga (Yo), and ballet (let) and it is tough. The beauty of yoga and ballet and how they mesh together is my favorite thing about the class. That and I have always secretly wanted to be a dancer of some kind, so this lets me fake it for an hour a week. I love it. I just need to get some leg warmers and I will be totally legit.

Choosing happiness this has been tough this week. My best friend’s grandmother passed away last Friday and since my best friend and I have been tied to the hip for over 15 years, she was pretty much my grandma too. It was not a sudden thing, we knew it was any day, but still you can never really fully prepare for these things. She was an awesome lady. She use to pick my best friend and I up from school in a big bright peach Cadillac and in the glove box was the largest cell phone I have ever seen in my life. She totally gave Zack Morris’ phone a run for its money. We always use to try and convince her to “down size” but she was perfectly content with her giant phone, and we loved her for it.

My dog, Hidee, has also been through a lot this week. I took her into the vet last Sunday to try and finally get a handle on these allergies we thought she was having. The doctor tried her on a new antihistamine, but it made her worse and by Tuesday she looked pathetic. So I called the vet to ask what I should do and he said I needed to get her in for a scan of her head cavity. He wanted to rule out the possibility of a tooth infection or nasal polyps. I booked her in with a specialist in Sugarland for a scan on Friday.

Before she went in the back to have her X-rays done I asked the doctor what the polyps were that my vet had spoken about, he responded to me frankly and said, “that’s just a nicer way of saying a tumor”. WHAT?!? So I sat on the edge of my seat with my mom in the waiting room until we could get some results. God Bless digital technology because it only took about 20 mins before he had the results. THERE WAS NO TUMOR!! I was so happy I wanted to dance in the waiting room; I even shed a tear of relief.

He told me that he had done the scan, saw nothing, and even pushed an exploratory camera up her nose to check and there was nothing but a very red nose. So what is the diagnosis you might be asking? The doctor handed me a swab of the infected area and told me to get it to my vet to send it out for testing. He thinks it is a bacterial or fungal infection in her nose. OUCH!! I took the swab in and it has gone off for testing, but I won’t know anything until Tuesday next week. I will keep you posted on what it turns out to be.

Until then Hidee Ho will just continue to sneeze like a crazy lady until we can find the right antibiotics for her, and I think she is ok with that as long as she doesn’t have to have that camera put up her nose again.

I won’t bore you with the rest of my week, but it included a co-worker leaving our team for another company, a dentist appoint with an outrages bill and a work week that was less than thrilling.

Now for some good news! I finished my 2012 dreamboard and my sister and I have started trying to nail down dates for our summer trip to Seattle! I am super excited. We are going to drink coffee and listen to grunge music, so awesome.

Also, I have developed an unhealthy, yet awesome addiction to Pintrest.
Hope you guys are doing well!