I just started watching Friends from Season 1 again…I’ve done this a million times.  I can quote the show, all 10 seasons and I refer to these characters as if they are part of my inner circle of friends. It’s weird, I know, but they provide me comfort and a giggle when life is just a little crazy…or in other words…floopy.

I was watching one of the first episodes this morning and Rachel was having a breakdown about her new “un-settled” life in the city after running into some of her childhood girlfriends who seem to have it all together.  One is getting married, one is having a baby and the other has just been promoted to partner at her father’s law firm, though she is all of 22.

Rachael, who is trying to start a new life for herself after leaving Barry the orthodontist at the alter, has got her first job at the infamous Central Perk as a waitress serving coffee and attempts to defend herself by convincing her old friends that this life is better than the Country Club life should would of had with Barry.

She returns from the conversation to the apartment with the purple walls and asks Monica and Phoebe the same question that every 20-something will ask at some point in their life…”When are we going to have it all figured out?”

Here is the scene below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyILENqGHNQ]

Man, this hits home on so many levels for me.  Not just when I was in my early 20’s but even today, at 32.

I definitely know I too have screamed about the FICA guys taking all my money and that I also went through a period where I felt like everyone was passing me by in life because they were getting married or having babies. I have obviously since got over that, but the feeling of being “unsettled” or “waiting for something to happen” still comes over me sometimes.

For instance, I am in the process of planning mine and JZ’s wedding, we are building a house, my dog is getting old, my career is in a weird place and everything feels like I’m spinning plates in the air waiting for things to happen so that eventually I am going to feel settled.

After 3 decades on this earth, you would think that I’d have learned by now that nothing will ever be “un-floopy”.  That even after all the wedding vows are said, the move is complete, and my career gets back on track, something else will give.  Something else will break, be out of balance, or not going as smoothly as I would hope.

The best advice that someone gave me during this time of life was “if you feel like you are waiting for something to happen in life try changing your perspective and being grateful for the “right now”.”

So instead of counting down the days till our wedding, it’s thanking my lucky stars that I have such an amazing future husband to come home to every day and that he wants to be with me as much as I want to be with him.  It’s thanking God for allowing my dog to be still trucking at the ripe-old age of 17 and that I will soon have a brand new home for her to explore.  And lastly, it’s a big reminder that I don’t have to do any of this alone because I am blessed with the best support system a girl could have in both my family and friends.

So here are to Magic Beans and to life being forever “Un-floopy”.

I hope you are enjoying the ride.