As I mentioned in my intro post, JZ and I have put down money and started the process of building our very first home.

This process has brought with it every emotion possible and depending on the day, even hour, I can go from completely over the moon excited to hair-pulling anxiety and panic.

Before I go into the details, let me first say overall I am REALLY excited.  I have dreamed of owning my own home for a very long time and it was on my “Single Lady Life List” before I met JZ.  And while we have had to settle/compromise on a few of the items that we opted to put into our home, (*cough* fireplace *cough* How is Santa going to visit?*cough*), I do think this is going to be a very special place to start our lives together as hubs and wife.

We put our earnest money down on our naked dirt lot at the end of June this year.  It was kind of a whirlwind experience to get to that point, but the gist of it is we were both tired of renting and knew we wanted to buy a home of our own soon.  Then, one Sunday in June we decided to go casually look at a neighborhood just outside of the city(AHHH!*PANIC*) and we found a deal we could not turn away from.

**Why the AHHH!?  Moving out of the city scares the dickens out of me.  I moved into the city about 8 years ago and it’s really come to feel like my home.  I know where every grocery store is, what back roads to take to avoid the pot holes your car literally falls into , where to find those weird little quirky bars and restaurants you wouldn’t hear about in a travel guide, and what restaurant I can call to have food delivered at any hour.  We even have a bar where everybody knows our name…cliche, I know. And while it’s only 20 mins to get back into town from our new place, I feel like we are leaving behind a lot.  Mostly we are leaving behind the familiar and the comfortable, and that has never been something I was good at.

The Thursday after our casual “browse” in the neighborhood outside the city, we came in to the model home and signed 50 thousand pieces of paper, put down our earnest money, picked out our brick and stone, and booked our appointment to visit the design center. HOLY MOLY, this was actually happening!image

The next week  we both took a day off work to visit the design center and pick out every fixture, floor type, paint color and counter we could of ever dreamed of.  Usually this is broken into two visits because it is EXTREMELY overwhelming, but since we are trying to save all our vacation up for our wedding at the end of the year, we did it in one.  Crazy, I know!


Then we waited….and waited…over two weeks passed and finally they called us to have our “Builder’s Kick-off Meeting”.  This is actually not a big deal, but it basically puts the timer on for your house to start.  Which, for our model, is 120 days.  And for those of you who don’t want to do the math, that puts us closing right around the week before we get married…WTF were we thinking?

The week after our meeting, we found out our initial plumbing inspection failed so our slab pour date was pushed back and then we have had two weeks of torrential rain, so now we are actually off schedule by two weeks and now scheduled to close the week of our wedding…aka NOT HAPPENING!


We received word yesterday that in between rain drops the builder was able to get our slab poured and a tarp thrown over it before we were hit with the rain again.  Do you see where the anxiety is coming from now?  Not to mention that our current lease is up come November 30th…SERIOUSLY WTF were we thinking?!?!

We are hoping to go see the progress tonight, but chances are we will just be greeted by a black tarp in the middle of a mud pit. *angst*

To be continued…


UPDATE:  We have a slab!!!

We drove by the house this weekend between thunderstorms and to our surprise we have a beautiful slab!  Photos below!