I was doing so well! I was on a roll with the weekly house updates and then life happened again and I fell behind. Once you fall behind, the self-talk really hits with “maybe I’ll just do a big wrap-up post at the end” or “who is even reading this other than my mom?”.

But no, if only for myself and for my fiance to look back on years from now, here is my update for this week.

We have a closing date!

We will be closing on our home Nov.18, 2016….you guys that’s a whole month earlier than we expected. The rollercoaster of emotions from excitement to panic have been all too real the last 48 hours as we look around our current house and just keep asking “what in the world are we going to do with all this stuff”?

So what does the house look like now? I am so glad you asked! Here is the latest outside photo.


We have brick and stone and yesterday they did the grading around the house so the fence can be put in later this week. CRAZY!  Below are some pictures of the outside I took each week to show the progress.  As you can see, the brick and stone went up literally overnight.  It was incredible.

As for the inside, we have had some great progress in there as well, but there is still much to go.  Below you can see that we have gone from pink insulated walls to painted textured sheetrock! Also, we have kitchen and bathroom cabinets, as well as bathtubs and showers.  It’s all coming together so quickly!

JZ and I are so excited for the quickly approaching closing! More photos to come in the coming weeks.