Having to double up this week on my update because we had a bit of tragedy happen to our little family.  No, before you ask, it was not the election results.

We walked in this past weekend and discovered a beautiful surprise.  The most beautiful chocolaty floors running throughout the main living area, the kitchen and our hall.  It makes the place flow and look really big.  I am totally in love.

Later in the week we had our pre-final walkthrough( I didn’t get any pictures because I didn’t want the builder to think I was scrutinizing his work, but everything had been cleaned off, the sawdust had been removed and JZ and I were finally able to see all the selections we had made back in July fully come together.  It’s beautiful.  I am so happy and excited to start our new home together.

I can’t believe we are closing next Friday!  It’s like a life long dream that is finally coming true…