Let there be light!

We went by to check on the house this week and the sun was just going down but we could see a light on in our master bathroom from up the street.  JZ and I both said, ” we have lights!” in unison, it was exciting and totally cute.

Once we pulled up it got even more real as we saw we had grass, flower beds and two, what JZ is calling twigs, for trees.  It actually looked like a completed house for the first time.

We did go back in the day time the next day so that JZ could have a closer look at the plants they gave us, but I didn’t get any pictures because we had the dogs with us and I am just not talented enough to wrangle two dogs and be a photographer.

P.S. We are toying around with the idea of having the house painted before we move it.  We are really not feeling the “Toby Tope” color on the walls and rather have it a light dusty gray…Very Joanna Gaines-ish.  Let us know what you guys think in the comments.