My Shadow Turned 16

My little shadow, also known as my sweet Hidee girl, turned 16 this past Sunday.
While I have never known Hidee’s true birthday, we have always celebrated her Gotcha Day (aka adoption day) as such, and this year was no different.

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New Orleans July 2015

He told me I was a good writer and said I should pursue it more often.  Funny how the palm reader we were sat in front of had no idea I was working on updating my blog at the time. This was just part of the adventure we had this past weekend as my family and friends... read more

What My Yoga Home Practice Really Looks Like

Guys, practicing yoga daily is hard. You have to get off your couch, put on your workout clothes, find your mat, water bottle, hand towel etc., get in the car, fight traffic, find a parking spot and make it into the studio ON TIME. Just reading that paragraph stresses... read more

Videos Of The Week



I am your typical 30-something living in downtown Houston, TX.  I’m the proud mommy of a dachshund named Hidee and a self proclaimed karaoke, coffee, and music addict.  Travel, music, yoga and enjoying life are my passions and you will finding me blogging about all of these things and lots of other stuff here at Coffee & Blue Jeans!